Some results that are returned from availability on the API will be what we call bundles, these consist of a main product, such as a hotel, bundled together with an additional supplement, like a dinner.

Bundles are currently only available on hotel searches.


Bundles can be identified by their product code, which has an additional element preceding the main product code joined by a +.


<Name>Cresta Court with 2-course dinner</Name>

The price given will be for the entire bundle including the supplement with the current passenger quantity ( determined by the given room code ). A product library request can be made with the complete bundle product code to get content related to the package as a whole instead of simply the main product. E.g /v1/product/MANCCT+B519


The BookingURL element will contain the full product code, including prefix, that must be supplied when a bundle is to be booked, this will ensure that system books the main product as well as the appropriate supplement. When booking a bundle on a hotel search the quantity of the supplement will be determined by the given room occupancy in the Adults and Children fields.

The booking response for a bundle booking will show the main product and the booked supplement as seperate elements. The TotalPrice field will contain the full price of the booking, but the supplement price will also be shown separately under the CurrentSupplements block.


<Name>2-course dinner</Name>

The product code of the supplement will also be returned in the booking response which can be used to retrieve product specific content in the product library request that can be displayed on booking confirmations. When creating confirmation emails be sure to highlight that the supplement has been added as a part of this booking.

Post Booking

A bundle booking can be amended or cancelled following the same rules as a general product. The supplement has a Canx field in the booking response that will define if that particular add-on can be cancelled as part of the booking. It is not currently possible to amend the quantity of the supplement or remove it from the booking using the API.