API Errors

List of errors that can be returned from the API.

Please ensure that your application can handle the errors by inspecting the error code only, do not use the error message as this is for debugging purposes only.

Error code Example message Description
TokenError Missing token in request Missing auth token in the request.
HtmlToPdfError Failed to generate pdf Faild to generate confirmation pdf.
Invalid agentCode Invalid agent code Agent code is not valid/provided in agent lookup request.
Agent Lookup Error Unable to retrieve agent details - are you missing a password? Agent lookup failed to retrieve agent details.
TerminalError Failed to find any terminals Request failed to retriave terminals data.
SMS Error Missing params to reply to a customer
Message too long at {message.length} characters
No customerInteraction supplier
Failed to send sms message
Failed to send sms message.
MissingParameter BookingRef is required
Address is required in url
Mobile number is required in url
location is required
registration is required
Required parameter is not provided in the request.
group-booking For bookings of 7 or more people, please contact us to discuss your requirements  
chauntry-unavailable Chauntry: Server Unavailable Request failed because Chauntry service is unavailable.
NoRows Found nothing matching Lookup return empty resultset.
405 To confirm a cancellation request you must use the POST method. HTTP method is not allowed.
0000 Invalid Email Address Missing email param while ammending a booking.
0004 Product is not available Availability lookup product is not available.
0037 Sorry, we have no availability for the dates and times selected. Availability lookup does not find availability for dates and times provided in the request.
0037 Sorry, the availability timeout has been reached. Please try again. Availability lookup does not find availability due to end supplier latency.
0051 Invalid Booking Number  
0052 Your email address was not the one used to make this booking, please try again.  
0053 This booking cannot be displayed. If you are a Travel Agent please login and try again, or check you’re logged in as the correct agent. For additional assistance please call 0871 360 2422  
0071 Invalid ABTANumber and/or password  
0071 No Upgrades for this Site  
1435 Missing or empty mandatory Itinerary/ArrivalDate parameter  
1441 Please make sure you have entered a depart date.  
1466 Missing or empty mandatory Adults field  
9999 An unknown error occurred Internal error occurred.
F0071 Availability requests require the following parameters: From, To, ArrivalTime, DepartTime, PickupLocation, DropoffLocation, DateOfBirth  
F0071 Invalid arrival date  
F0071 Invalid arrival date and/or time  
F0071 Bookings cannot be made for stays before today  
CRS000 Booking not found  
CRS001 Could not look up booking details  
CRS002 Saved name does not match one entered  


<API_Reply Result="OK">
    <?xml version="1.0"?>