As a guide, we will update the version of the API docs according to the size and impact of the change:

Minor releases: e.g. documentation updates or changes to API not requiring Partner changes.

Major releases e.g. addition of new products and functionality or significant changes to structure of API requiring Partner changes.

We reserve the right to remove outdated and unused functionality, and make changes that may result in deprecation of existing methods. Where this occurs, we will contact you via your Account Manager to advise. Older methods of using the API will be supported for a period of time whilst updates are made by our partners.


Version Number Date Details
1.17.0 25th July 2022 Added v2 of the Payment Gateway docs
1.16.1 22nd December 2021 Added an example of viewing a transfers booking
1.16.0 7th December 2021 Added postal-address location type to transfers
1.15.0 1st September 2020 Document upgrades processes for availability/booking/post booking management
1.14.0 21st July 2020 Updated docs. Added Transfers documentation for Availability and Make Booking
1.13.0 10th July 2020 Updated docs. Added new RequiresQRCode flag to parking booking responses
1.12.0 20th December 2019 Updated docs UI look & layout
1.11.6 18th December 2019 Clarifying that token is no longer needed in view/amend/cancel booking
1.11.5 13th December 2019 Highlighting that BookingURL contains product prefix
1.11.4 11th December 2019 Updated the Product Library / Car Park page
1.11.3 6th December 2019 Added JSON examples alongside with the XML requests/responses on some pages
1.11.2 5th December 2019 Updated the Payment Gateway page with explaining who is able to use tokens
1.11.1 4th December 2019 Added search functionality
1.11.0 27th March 2019 Added docs explaining bundle products
1.10.0 25th January 2019 Added optional Terminal param for hotel with parking requests.
1.9.6 6th December 2018 Updated sandbox hostname for legacy payments (EU)
1.9.5 3rd October 2018 Mandatory Infants parameter added for Lounges.
1.9.4 10th September 2018 Holidayextras booking ref field size increased from 5 to 12 characters.
1.9.3 9th July 2018 Security doc added. Extra field explanations added to View Booking section.
1.9.2 19th June 2018 Accessibility flag added.
1.9.1 12th April 2018 Add docs for BarCode node.
1.9 12th March 2018 DE Start section overhauled.
1.8.1 2nd March 2018 Max pax per Lounge booking changed from 9 to 4.
1.8 23rd February 2018 Locations Request section updated.
1.7 16th February 2018 Payment Gateway section added.
1.6 12th February 2018 View/Amend/Cancel docs updated.
1.5.1 2nd February 2018 Booking Confirmation info updated.
1.5 16th January 2018 Lounge documentation overhauled.
1.4.1 11th December 2017 URL link to PDF included in Create, Amend and View Booking responses.
1.4 26th September 2017 Added section for updating booking flight details.
1.3 4th September 2017 Insurance section overhauled.
1.2.2 18th August 2017 Updated Account Setup section.
1.2.1 14th August 2017 Added Direct Debit and SEPA mandate forms/links.
1.2 7th August 2017 Payment section added clarifying supported methods including SEPA.
1.1.3 25th July 2017 CarPickupDate format changed from DDMMMYY to YYYY-MM-DD in Hotel Booking request.
1.1.2 24th July 2017 Update endpoints for hotel availability and make booking.
1.1.1 5th July 2017 Removal of references to DE hotel endpoints.
1.1 31st May 2017 Update to documentation, including: Intro, Index and Car Parking guides.
1.0 March 2017 Migration of API in back end from legacy stack to new (no changes for partners).