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Product Guides

Please check the table below for details of which products are available in each region.

Product Endpoints UK Europe
Parking Yes Yes
Hotels Yes Yes
Lounges Yes Yes
Insurance Yes No
FastTrack Yes No
Transfers Yes Yes

Non-Product Specific Guides

These endpoints are not product-specific. Please check the table below for details of which endpoints are available for each region.

Generic Endpoints UK Europe
User token Yes Yes
Location Yes Yes
Terminal Yes No
Barcode / QRCode Yes No
Product library Yes Yes
Managing a booking Yes Yes
Update a booking’s flight Yes No
Bundles Yes No
Upgrade Availability Yes Yes

“DE-Start” Product Guides

This documentation relates to an existing integration with a partner in Germany. It is included here for reference only, and is not to be used or considered for new partner integrations.

Product Endpoints UK Europe
DE-Start No Yes


Lists of conventions used in this API.